Yorkshire firm helps Marshalls’ engagement agenda

ONE of the country’s leading landscape products manufacturers has turned to a West Yorkshire-based business support and training consultancy as it looks to invest in its 2,400 strong workforce.

Marshalls plc – which supplies a wide range of concrete, natural stone and associated hard-landscaping products for the commercial and consumer markets – has partnered with Mirfield-based Threedom Solutions to support the roll out of its personal development review process across the business.

Threedom is currently working with groups of Marshalls’ employees to ensure they are able to deliver positive and motivational personal reviews and set meaningful objectives.

The Elland-based company – in conjunction with Threedom – has developed day-long personal review training workshops which are being delivered to teams throughout the UK.

Janie Lambeth, a director with Threedom, said Marshalls had recognised that to make the personal review process worthwhile, they needed to invest in those responsible for managing the reviews, to ensure all employees had the opportunity for a meaningful, personal conversation with their manager.

“Many companies have a review process, but all too often it can be, at best, a process and, at worst, a telling off and viewed as an interruption to the day-to-day work,” she said.

“Marshalls is a forward-thinking company and has recognised that, despite the tough economic times, there is a continued need to invest in their people to ensure their talents are enhanced and that they remain a motivated and engaged workforce. Such commitment to employees helps to differentiate a company from its competition.”

Kevin Hull, group human resources director for Marshalls said the company wanted to make the reviews a constructive, positive experience for staff.

He added: “The team from Threedom have consistently received very positive feedback for bringing the subject to life in an informal, uncluttered and professional way and for making the sessions informative, insightful, supportive and non-threatening.

“Just about everyone has said they feel far better equipped to prepare for and deliver a constructive review experience at the end of the session, which is really what we were looking for.

“So far we’ve been really pleased with the response to Threedom from our colleagues throughout the group. We feel that selecting them to work with us has been a very rewarding experience all round.”

Threedom’s personal development review training addresses:

  • How to make a review positive when there may be tough messages to deliver
  • How to understand what motivates individuals
  • How to get the best out of people
  • Why praise in the workplace is crucial
  • The art of conversation


The day-long workshops teach skills which are transferrable to all areas of life and work in a fun, interactive and relaxed environment.

For more information log onto www.threedomsolutions.co.uk.

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