Val’s ironing tally tops a million

   DEDICATED laundry manager Val Robson has steamed her way through more than a million pieces of ironing during her 30 years’ long service at the retirement village where she works.

Val, 56, irons more than 180 pieces of linen and residents’ clothing and puts on 30 washes per day in the laundry at Middleton Hall Retirement Village, in Middleton St George, near Darlington.

The grandmother-of-one has just celebrated 30 years with the retirement village – five as a housekeeper and 25 in the laundry room – where she has put on an average of 194,000 washes and ironed more than 1,163,000 garments during her working life.

Val, who lives in Middleton St George, said: “I came for a fortnight to cover someone on maternity leave and I’ve been here ever since.

“I get a lot of job satisfaction from coming in on a morning and seeing rows of empty baskets, and then seeing them all full of fresh, clean clothes when I’ve finished. I never stop. It’s go, go, go all the time – but it keeps me fit.

“A million pieces seems like a huge amount of ironing but I don’t really think about it, I just crack on. It sounds silly to most people but I love my job.”

Such is Val’s dedication to a crease free life, she tackles her own ironing with the same gusto – as long as there’s a glass of red wine and her Westlife CD playing in the background.

“I think most people wouldn’t want to see the ironing board again if they did it for a living, but I don’t mind at all,” she laughs. “It’s my Friday evening sorted – a pile of ironing, a glass of wine and Westlife.”

Jeremy Walford, managing director at Middleton Hall, awarded Val with a bouquet of flowers and a voucher for a meal for two to celebrate her long service.

“Val is one of our longest serving employees and her work ethos and dedication to our residents is fantastic,” he said.

“She has so much energy and a pride for what she does. No one can get through the laundry as fast as Val and she always ensures the quality is there too.”

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