Kids’ tracking devices to boom as Pokemon Go-es crazy

TRACKING and monitoring devices are expected to be built into games apps in the future to stop parents worrying as their children get out and explore via digital games such as Pokemon Go.


The Pokemon Go craze has seen hundreds of thousands of people hunt for creatures in the real world using their smartphones to track them down.


Joanna Feeley, CEO of homes and lifestyle futures agency Trend Bible, said that while there was parental worry for kids to enjoy too much tech time – exploring via games such as Pokemon Go brought a whole new area of concern.


“For some time now we’ve witnessed parental worry and a stigma around technology for kids, but Pokemon Go is an example of how our mobile devices can, in fact, encourage kids to get outdoors and engage in active and imaginative play,” said Joanna.


“In contrast, we’re witnessing a whole new set of worries from parents, as safety and security become key concerns. This urges us to question what’s next for this type of technology? We expect to see tracking and monitoring devices become an integral feature, reassuring parents that these GPS orientated apps are safe enough for kids to play wildly and freely.”


Trend Bible first forecast the craze for games such as Pokemon Go two years ago in their Kids Insight Report for 2016.


Added Joanna: “We revealed how apps and smart devices are enabling children of the digital revolution to explore more freely, using the street and their familiar surroundings as a space to play. Confirming our forecasts, Pokemon Go reflects how through the power of augmented reality, children can unlock, explore and ‘catch them all’ within a blended reality of real and virtual worlds

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