Single mum’s dream five-book publishing deal

A SINGLE mum from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, has signed a five-book publishing deal for a six figure sum.

Claire Connor, 32, who lives with her parents and six-year-old daughter Sophie, is also in talks with film producers that are keen to buy the rights to her first novel, Rosie: Note to Self.

The chick-lit book is the first in the Lipstick Confessions series – five modern romances set in glamorous locations around the world.

“I’d always wanted to be an author ever since I fell in love with Enid Blyton’s novels as a child,” said Claire, a former Durham University graduate.

“For the past few years I’ve been juggling two jobs and bringing up my daughter while writing in my spare time, so to sign a five-book publishing deal is a dream come true.”

The publishing deal came after Claire went to work as a PA for New York Times best-selling children’s writer Graham Taylor, also of Scarborough. Graham’s wife Kathy showed him a short story Claire had written for a competition, which he loved.

Graham asked Claire if she’d like to write a book with him and the pair came up with the plotline for Rosie: Note to Self before writing it together.

Rosie: Note to Self is an uplifting romantic comedy and follows Rosie’s journey from New York to Oxfordshire and Northumberland as she rebuilds her life following the death of her husband.

The book has its roots in the Bible and is based on the Old Testament Book of Ruth with the themes of loyalty, family and pride.

“Issues such as faithfulness, compassion and duty, key themes for biblical stories, are still big questions in people’s lives today. We wanted to look at how our choices not only impact our own lives, but the lives of people around us,” said Claire.

After showing a few chapters to publishing house Authentic Media, the company signed the pair up to produce five novels as part of Lipstick Confessions series.

Now the pair are in talks with a production company with regards to selling the rights to Rosie: Note to Self.

“I knew as soon as I read Claire’s short story that she had a vivid imagination and a great writing style,” said Graham, who wrote Shadowmancer and the Mariah Mundi series of books.

“Writing chick-lit is a departure from my usual work for children but we’ve had great fun and we’re looking forward to working on the next novel in the series.”

Claire worked for the Birmingham-based charity Catholic Student Council before becoming a lay chaplain at King’s College London School of Medicine. She returned to North Yorkshire to live with her parents when she found she was pregnant and later retrained as a holistic therapist.

Claire’s hobbies include collecting shoes (43 pairs to date) and playing trombone in a swing band. She has a pathological hatred of balloons and a love of canal boats and coconut rum.

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